I recently found the following fictional e-mail that I wrote in 2010 to vent some steam after attending one too many meetings with management / business-school types.

Dear Sir,

I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone. Our group of entrepreneurs is looking forward to meeting with Gigantic Tech to discuss our exciting new venture.

We have developed an executive vision and business plan for a flying car.

Our approach is to incorporate the flying apparatus into a device that plugs into the cigarette adapter in the car's dashboard and makes the vehicle fly. This way, virtually any existing vehicle can be converted into a flying car.

Our business plan confirms that this approach will be highly successful.

No one else has come up with this novel idea, which gives us a significant lead on the competition.

We're already well underway on the engineering. For example, we've conducted market research on enclosures made for other products that use cigarette adapters, and have already identified a factory in China that can make a custom plastic enclosure for our device.

We are interested in considering Gigantic Tech to develop the flying apparatus that fits into the plastic enclosure. We can provide a point of contact at the Chinese factory and a prototype enclosure if this will help.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Mitchell Bee Aalto

Haardvark Business School graduate

P.S.: our business plan calls for the device to cost $10, which means that the flying apparatus must cost less than $3.


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