Necessity is the mother of invention, and I've written a multi-platform software tool to disable/enable the beep on an APC UPS.

I'm not the only person to be driven mad by the incessant beeping of a UPS when there is a power failure. It is bad enough when it happens during the day; when it happens at night, it results in significant loss of sleep.

Given the number of convoluted instructions online for taking apart a UPS and de-soldering the buzzer, it seems that APC hasn't done a good job documenting their PowerChute software. For years, it has been possible to use the PowerChute software to disable the buzzer, but this procedure has three limitations:

1) When using the PowerChute software to disable to the buzzer, one must uninstall the software whilst the UPS's USB cable is disconnected. Otherwise, the software re-enables the buzzer during the uninstall process.
2) PowerChute software is Windows-only.
3) Recent versions of PowerChute are prone to getting stuck during the install process and will not install.

I felt certain that someone else would have written a tool by now to perform this beep disable, but I couldn't find one online. So, I wrote my own:

beepBgone (hosted on Google Code)

It is a simple command line utility and is nothing fancy, but I've tested it under Windows and Linux, and it ought to work under MacOS as well (but I don't have an Apple computer to test against).


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