I was (and still am) interested in some sort of software framework to allow virtual USB devices to be written in userspace appear to the (Linux) OS as genuine USB devices. I like designing embedded devices, but there are situations where a quick proof of concept is needed and hardware development is too costly (in resources, time, or both).

I spent time trying to see what existing efforts might exist that I could leverage to do this.

This sourceforge effort by m_singer looked very promising, but Linux has a nasty tendency to morph ever few seconds and cause software to break. Through no fault of the author, Linux seems to have since changed itself to be incompatible.

There is a "vhci-hcd" module that comes with Ubuntu (and despite the same name, has copyright notices for a different developer?). However, there are no apparent APIs.

"vhci-hcd" is ostensibly supposed to cooperate with the "usbip" package. I was hoping that "usbip" would provide an example of how to interact with "vhci-hcd". Alas, in my experience, it just causes Ubuntu to become unstable.

Given this, it seems like I'm not the only one who finds this to be the case.


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