Want to annoy yourself? Buy a Google Cardboard viewer. After all, Google says Cardboard "works with almost any smartphone on Android or iOS".

Then, try to install the Google Cardboard app. Google Play says "Your device isn't compatible with this version". Version!?

Hidden on this page is the statement: "If you see a device incompatible message, you may not have a device with a gyroscope included."

What elite smartphones are being toted around the Chocolate Factory with such a gyroscope? What justifies their developers to believe "almost any smartphone" is a valid statement!? They must have one hell of a reality distortion field.

This is more than just being annoyed with false Google Cardboard claims. This demonstrates a major impediment to would-be developers of apps and/or hardware to connect to Android phones.

I find it absolutely infuriating that:

a) there is no reliable or consistent clearinghouse of device information to indicate what each Android device's capabilities are, and

b) the Google Play store does not reveal what the "manifest" requirements are for an app

If Google is vetting these devices for Google Play approval (which I believe they are), they should at least collect the device specifications and allow users to search this data.


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