This isn't an embedded application, but I approached it with embedded sensibilities.

I wanted a simple tool to translate IPv4 addresses into country names, and couldn't find it.

There is a Creative Commons Licensed database available from Maxmind, but the .mmdb database API seems so unnecessarily complicated.

Thankfully, Maxmind also now provides a CSV format version of the data. As-is, it is still not straightforward to use, but the raw data is there.

I wrote some code to translate the Maxmind CSV Country data into a straightforward const C array, and some more code to leverage this straightforward const C array.

My entire search routine is only about 20 lines of codes (versus reams and reams of MMDB database routines from Maxmind). The entire application (with database built-in) is only 50-55% of the size of the Maxmind MMDB file.

My source code is available to download here. Place the uncompressed Maxmind CSV files in the same directory and "make".


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