JCI (the company that Mazda hired to design the CMU) has created a flawed design. If your CMU is broken, there is no repair that a user can do. Do NOT contact me asking how to fix your CMU.

Revision history:
20160106: original write-up
20160124: added clarifications (also see new writeup on the not-so-failsafe firmware update)
20160319: added connectors on new page
20160320: added forcing invocation of failsafe
20160320: added more teardown photos
20160324: YouTube video tech tour of benchtop junkyard Mazda Connect

Various trim levels of the 2014+ Mazda3, 2016+ Mazda6, 2016+ MX-5, 2016+ CX-3, etc., have a touchscreen infotainment system called "Mazda Connect" in some markets and "MZD Connect" in others.

What follows are two summary images of a teardown of the controller unit:

Powering it is a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9. The "D" of the part number would seem to suggest a dual-core, but the serial console *claims* quad-core (normally denoted with a "Q").

The CAN bus interface is not left to flighty GUI software running on the main CPU and is handled by a dedicated microcontroller.

The Wi-Fi (also Bluetooth) PCB antenna protrudes outside the metal enclosure otherwise encasing the PCB.

The CPU, CPU PMIC, and DDR3L memories are all heatsinked.

The back-up camera is a conventional analog unit that is digitized onboard.


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