musings and spare-time projects of an electronics engineer

FreeSWITCH on a Raspberry Pi 4 (updated 20210125)

a tale of two GXP16xx teardowns (updated 20190224)

CA backdoors in Grandstream VoIP phones (updated 20190203)

Grandstream GXP21xx teardown (updated 20190202)

thoughts on WebUSB (updated 20181208)

CAN and CAN-FD using an Atmel SAMC21 microcontroller (updated 20170812)

Linux locks up your /dev/ttyACM serial ports? (updated 20170531)

open-source HID Sensor implementations (updated 20161226)

Mazda CANbus decoding (updated 20161211)

a look inside a modern Mazda ECU (updated 20161206)

open-source and open-hardware CANbus sniffer (updated 20161204)

Google Cardboard: the Chocolate Factory wastes my time (updated 20160828)

some thoughts on CMSIS-DAP (updated 20160727)

the pain of being an engineer (updated 20160213)

not-so-failsafe firmware update (updated 20160124)

Mazda Connect infotainment teardown (updated 20160320)

blink0: open-source WS2812 controller (updated 20150503)

CipherUSB teardown (updated 20150415)

the virtues of the open-source M-Stack USB stack (updated 20150307)

the illusion of security (review of CipherUSB) (updated 20150306)

straightforward PICkit3 adapter for Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC (updated 20150228)

U2F in plain engineer English (updated 20141207)

stop the UPS beep (updated 20141206)

yet another syslog server (updated 20141102)

testing Microchip RN4020 Bluetooth LE module (updated 20141109)

sneak peek at C-Mem (updated 20140928)

Wireshark has many uses (updated 20140726)

insecure smartcards (updated 20140719)

write up on security smartcards (updated 20140705)

3D printers: hype v.s. reality (updated 20140419)

thoughts on FTDI's chip announcement (updated 20140406)

mapping IPs to country names (updated 20140308)

Good intentions, but no worthwhile result (updated 20140216)

USB to optical ANSI probe smart power meter reader (updated 20140208)

developing for STM32F0x2 (updated 20140208)

USB power supply with current logging (updated 20140123)

CMSIS-DAP ARM debuggers (originally 20140123)